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Cancer is a word you never want to hear spoken of anyone let alone a loved one. My wife and the mother of our children was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November 2014. Like anyone who has experienced this knows the world spins, the fear takes over, the crying and praying start. And then the battle begins.

After 12 visits to the infusion lab, 17 radiation treatments, hair loss, weight gain, and all the other side effects associated with treatment, Holly was cancer free. And then our life after began. Life after starts the day of the diagnosis, everything changes. Even day-to-day activities become a challenge.

We quickly realized that, sadly, there was no effective intervention to improve employment impediments faced by patients returning to work following any cancer diagnosis. There was a need to develop such an intervention.

Life|After® was inspired by a feeling we needed to give back — to help. Our company, Tyler Ergonomics & Safety, had the experience, knowledge, and skill, so we created Life|After®. As healthcare providers help the patient battle cancer, we at Life|After® help the employee and employer through the workplace impact of this battle.

With the improvements in screening, diagnosis, and treatment the number of people surviving cancer and staying or returning to work is increasing. Survivors want to work — it fulfills productivity and financial needs, enhances psychosocial well-being, and provides survivors with a sense of normalcy.

For over 15 years, we have been helping people be more productive in their workplace. Helping companies prevent workplace injuries and helping people get back to work after surgery or other medical challenges. This is what we do. Now, with a new sense of purpose, we want to help those we feel bound to. To all of the fighters, survivors, and their families – we are here to fight with you. To get you back to what you love to do and need to do. To a sense of normalcy. We are here to remind people that there is a Life|After®.

Founder and Creator of Life|After®