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Do you have a return to work program for cancer survivors?


Nearly half of cancer survivors are of working age. They’re willing and excited to get back to normal, but their lives have changed—they often have lingering effects from illness and treatment.

People who don’t feel well don’t work well.

You can empower them to make a successful transition as comfortably as possible. 


For over 15 years, our team has been helping small to Fortune® 20 companies return their employees to work. This results in a more productive, healthier, happier, and compliant workplace.


We help employers navigate return to work challenges for cancer-surviving employees. We assign a case manager to direct a team of multidisciplinary experts to help the employee reduce health-related workplace challenges.

how it works

A LIFE|AFTER® case manager will assess individual needs, build a customized wellness plan, and supervise a nation-wide team of experts. This includes occupational therapists, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, ergonomists, kinesiologists, and more.



For your company

No risk. No retainer. Pay per employee, as needed.

Effortless, remote process.

For your employees

The supportive health team they need.

Works for any major life-threatening illness.


Take care of your employees


Nearly 7 million cancer survivors are of working age

70% say they need and want to work

47%  say they don’t feel well enough to work

Get Started

CaLL. You can reach us anytime at 877-752-3837.

CoNNECT. Our case managers are here to help you.

THRIVE. Get survivors back to work and feeling better.


To all of the fighters, survivors, and their families — we are here to fight with you — getting you back to what you love and need to do. We are here to remind you that there is a Life|After.


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